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My passion is to help women FIND their way to beautiful and BECOME their own success stories!

Skin care Classes / Individual Consultations

Skincare classes or parties are a lot of fun. I keep numbers very small – 4-6 people are ideal, up to a maximum of 8 is okay too. I’m happy to do Individual consultations with just 1 or 2 people as well. Call or text me more details. All guests will experience a pamper session for their hands, face and lips, I match up their foundation shade and we finish with a basic color make-over. The hostess will receive free products. Hosting a class is a great way of earning some freebies. 

During the party everyone will be pampered (there will be no boring waiting around or just trying the products on the back of your hand). Every guest will experience a full facial and mini makeover, you will feel pampered and relaxed while I talk you through different products for different skin concerns. Every party/class will be completely customized to your needs. At the end, the products are for sale and you will be able to take home everything you like after the pamper session. As an added bonus all guests and the hostess are able to book a personalized make up lesson absolutely free of charge! If you would like to have a browse and see some of the products I’ll be showcasing, then visit the main Mary Kay website at

I’m also happy to meet with you on an individual basis or maybe with just one or two friends, if you prefer.

All products are safe for sensitive skin, have not been tested on animals and come with a 100% money back guarantee, because Mary Kay stands 100% behind their products!.