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Online nail sessions are available. You are always welcome to customize a session to your needs. EDUCATION NEVER STOPS!

Cost: $165 

Time Frame: 2 hrs. 
What do you need:

Everything to do a full set of nails (acrylic, liquid, brush, nippers, file, buffer, etc.)  

2 practice hands or nail trainer​.

nail art brushes (option to buy)

Your Mobile Nail Tech, Monica offering services in Jacksonville and surrounding areas.

 Contact 904-310-4135
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Mobile & Home-Based Salon

Pop-Up Salon

One on One Sessions

This class is for nail techs and aspiring nail techs that feels he/she needs improvement or to build a solid foundation. Many sessions are offered;

Acrylic Application


Gel Nails 

Pink & Whites

Pointed Nails

Hand painted Nail Art

Embedded Nail Art 

Fill in Techniques

3D Nail Art

and much more!

Nail Tech Session